Sunday, February 15, 2015

when the teacher becomes the student

This morning, half of our brood pulled on their neon exercise gear, and headed to the basement to work out.  Because this is what they do for fun. They watch P90X videos.


It was four years ago that I bought the video set and promised myself that I'd finish all 90 days of it.  But then my P90X turned in to P6X, because I only made it six days before I gave up evening work outs for a comfortable bed and movies on demand.

Today I joined my little fitness fanatics. After we cranked out a solid hour of leg and back exercises, the kids turned on the Ab-Ripper series and kept going.  I kept going, too ... right up the stairs and straight for the Tylenol.  If I can walk tomorrow, it'll be a miracle.  But even if I can't walk, the children tell me we can do floor exercises.

They're convinced we can get through all 90 days of this, together.  I'm really inspired by their enthusiasm. And their ability to sit down and stand up without assistance.