Sunday, April 06, 2014

charlie's pet peeve

My husband and I will be celebrating 20-years of wedded bliss this coming August.  For the most part, we hardly argue and when we do - it's almost always over something that Charlie does to annoy me.  Things like ... buying too much of something when he goes to the store (e.g., cashews - what family of six needs five pounds of cashews?!) Or forgetting to distribute fresh fruit for lunch or snacks and then having to throw it away because it starts to rot.  In contrast, Charlie rarely takes fault with anything I ever do and will never request that I do more of this - or less of that.


Until such time I pull our fire ring to the front yard, light a raging bonfire consisting of tree branches that have fallen around our yard, and hand our children hotdogs on sticks.  I'll cheerfully call out to our offspring, "Here y'all go ... now listen to your mama and run along to fix yo'self some dinner!"


My husband is horrified and each time I do it, he'll say, "I don't understand why you do this? Don't you realize we look like absolute hicks cooking hotdogs in the front yard?"

This afternoon, as we were out cooking in the yard, our neighbors stopped by and during the course of conversation, said something along the lines of "keeping it classy!" Charlie shot me a look that said, "SEE!!! I TOLD YOU!!!!"

The fact that I don't see the hick-factor at all, makes me think perhaps I am one.