Sunday, March 09, 2014

springing forward

Charlie recently registered Carolyn and Elizabeth for a running program called, "Girls On The Run."  Their training started on Thursday, and they showed up - ready to go! - with their bright pink running shoes that we'd carefully picked out the weekend prior.  As part of the program, they've been registered to run a 5K race the third weekend of May. Which means, the rest of the family is registered, too.  And so it is, we were up yesterday with the dawn to run through our neighborhood.  And again today, we were up with the dawn to run again...


When we returned from our  run, we all dropped to the floor to stretch before we chugged big glasses of water. We then enjoyed a healthy and light breakfast and high-fived each other over all the awesome things that we'd accomplished before 9:00 AM!

But then I looked at my phone and realized it was actually 10 AM and we'd forgotten to "spring forward" an hour on our clocks. Fortunately, the endorphins of my run are so strong, the fact that we lost a full hour today is not getting me down ... too badly.  Although, I really think we should start a petition to eliminate Day Light Savings Time.  In my realm, anything that even subtly shifts the School Year schedule so that we inevitably sleep later in the morning, and subsequently have a later bed time for children at night, is more painful than shin splints.