Tuesday, February 25, 2014

100 days

Someone had a big celebration at school today and made a fun hat to commemorate the event. The little boy who was repeatedly dismissed from the church nursery as a toddler, and expelled from 3-year old preschool less than one week in, is now blossoming before our eyes.


In the 100 days since his elementary school education has begun, Henry's gone from receiving "Think Sheets" every week, to receiving almost daily stickers for excellent behavior. He is learning to read, count by 10's, and recognize US Presidents.  I've been told by countless mothers that their daughters, Henry's peers, have big crushes on him because he is so sweet, and so kind, and his eyes.

Oh, those big blue eyes!

He still has the propensity to drive us crazy at home, especially when he detonates after being in close proximity to Elizabeth (who seems to be honing her knack for pushing ALL the wrong buttons repeatedly), but we're heading in the right direction and for that we are so happy and so proud.