Sunday, December 22, 2013

desperate times call for desperate measures

There are countless issues that summon my attention; issues such as poverty, hunger, war, human trafficking, gun control, gay rights, and hate crimes. But tonight, a sliver of my energy was directed in to writing and submitting this e-mail to the Customer Service Department at Dreyer's ice cream:


To Whom It May Concern:

We are faithful Dreyer's customers but for the past several years, we have been unable to find peppermint stick ice cream at any of our local grocery stores. When my husband and I were married in 1994, we not only had cake at our wedding - we also had peppermint stick ice cream because it is our all-time favorite. Therefore, you might imagine our tremendous distress that we are unable to purchase this magical concoction during the very small window of time that it is offered. As a result, we have been forced to make our own peppermint stick ice cream at home, which is not nearly as enjoyable and has been known to cause severe gastrointestinal complications.  According to our grocers, they place large orders each year, but they are not provided an adequate supply. As a result, your award-winning ice cream flies out of the freezer section at a rate that is quite frankly - - - unacceptable. The Christmas season of countless northern Virginians would be much more merry if we had Dreyer's peppermint stick ice cream. Therefore, on behalf of the populous in this region, we appreciate your prompt response to this issue.  


Charlie, Jen, William, Elizabeth, Carolyn, Henry, Louie, George and Barrack

(Louie, George and Barrack don't eat ice cream, but I think my note will be taken more seriously if I was able to personally reflect the large number of people impacted by this dilemma. Our pets are affected because WE are affected.)