Sunday, July 21, 2013

'round the world in 90 days

In my new role as a technical advisor, there is considerably more business travel than I've experienced previously in my life.  Within the past month, I've flown to Texas and California.


This is some of the fine cuisine I enjoyed while in Houston (mmm Po-Boy and a cup of Gumbo)...


And here's the not-so-lovely view from my Houston hotel room.


I think I like the view of the California coastline better.

Was it really this beautiful when we lived there?


Tomorrow morning at 4:00 AM, I'm leaving our house, for a flight that departs at 6:15, for a week long trip to the Northwest Territories of the Canadian Arctic.  I'm most excited about seeing tundra for the first time and meeting a Polar Bear Hazer.  For those not in the know, a Polar Bear Hazer is a professionally trained person who will accompany us on our trip and will have a "Four Point System" for stopping any rogue and ravenous polar bears from attacking.  From what I understand, the first point is a bull horn alarm; the second is a bean bag shot; the third is a tranquilizer shot; the fourth is a lethal shot. While I'm not at all excited to actually see or have them use any of these four points - I am certainly intrigued that the very, very (very, very) slim chance exists.  I'm also glad that I know I can run faster than at least three of the people who will be accompanying me, should it come to that.


Later this month, I'll be traveling to North Carolina on a business trip and then next month I'll be back in Texas. Within the fourth quarter, I'm slated to be in at least six other US states, Europe, Australia and Canada - again.  Outside of my trip to Hawaii in 1993, I've never left the North American continent.  Whenever I crossed the border to Mexico or Canada, I'd beg them to stamp my passport so it would at least appear like I've done some international travel.  But in my limited experience, our neighbors to the north and south don't even stamp passports. So when I just submitted my passport for renewal, the only stamp that I'd received for the past decade, was a stamp from our trip to the Bahamas in 2003. On a clear day, I think you can see the Bahamas from Florida, so I don't think that really counts as exotic travel.


I just wish there was some way that I could bring Charlie and the children with me on all of these adventures.  But I suppose with all the traveling I'll be doing between now and the end of the year, I'll have accumulated enough frequent flier miles that bringing them with me could be a real possibility, next year.  Until then, I'll just fly around on my own and hope with every fiber of my being that the plane (and pilot) does exactly what it / they are supposed to do upon take off, flight and landing.

For as much as I love the thought of travel and adventure - and even though I've passed my 38th year relatively unscathed - I'm still a very nervous (and palm sweaty) flier and after my trip home from California last week, where we were two hours late departing out of our connection in Denver because of the weather and then hit such bad turbulence that people around me were praying and grabbing and filling their air sick bags, I've solidly decided that flying definitely isn't one of my favorite things to do. Especially when I can see the wings rattling and fully expect to see one of them SNAP OFF at any moment as we fall 37,000 feet down, down, down.  


Let's just hope that doesn't happen on any of the eight flights I'm scheduled to take over the next five days.  On a happier note,  I'll rake up almost 10,000 frequent flier miles this week alone and I'll be that much closer to flying and freaking out with my precious family!!


  1. let me know if you are ever in the Dallas area....I would love to meet up for lunch/coffee/cocktail....happy travels!

  2. Prayers for safe travels and ease of anxiety!

    I would love to see photos from your Canada trip, especially if there is a non-lethal polar bear encounter.

    Amy F.

  3. cannot wait to hear of your adventures. Wow---I am thinking of calling Charlie to see if he needs a ear---but I hesitate.
    The kids seem so happy and content and so do you.

  4. Awww - missing the babies. : (
    Well if it helps my sister is a flight attendant with 4 kids 4 and under and she travels alot too. She is a couple years away from having 20 years - a milestone for benefits. Since her schedule is doable, she is sticking it out. She is with Delta and is based out of Atlanta. Maybe you'll see her! Her name is Spring.

    You should totally start knitting again! I loved that you posted how to knit a scarf oh so long ago!

    Try to enjoy the traveling as much and as long as you can! (because once you stop enjoying it, it totally loses its glamour) Although if I could sleep on planes, I think I would appreciate traveling alot more.

  5. If you don't have them already, get a really good set of noise cancelling headphones. They really help with reducing the stress from the noise from the plane while flying.

  6. Did I see Australia in your list? It's a darn big place, but please can you give us a clue as to which part? Might be able to cheer you through an airport !

  7. You have blog readers in Melbourne, Sydney and me in Brisbane... we could host an east coast tour of Australia for you.
    You will love it here!

    1. I'll for sure be in Melbourne and I think there might be a tour or two in store for some other areas!

      I've heard so many stories and seen so many pictures, I know I'm going to love it there and can't wait to sink my teeth in to that first bite of vegemite!! :)