Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the homework honeymoon is over

Now that school is out for the summer, the kids spend a bit of time, every day, on a workbook that has been designed to help keep the wheels of their minds greased on concepts they'd learned this year in school.


Perhaps I've mentioned it before that our children aren't too keen about doing any kind of homework and it's often a battle to get them to sit down and spend the requisite 15-20 minutes required to work through a few pages.


So today when Charlie tasked the children with completing their allotted homework, he was amazed at how quickly and correctly the children had completed their assignment. This is the e-mail message that he sent me at work:
Your stinker pie children have found the answers in the back of their workbooks. OMG!!! They were flying through the pages and getting everything right!! Then Elizabeth told me their dirty little secret. Now William and Carolyn are mad at Elizabeth for telling me. Who do they think they're dealing with? Do they think I'm dumb?! I was already suspicious that something was amuck when they were adding and subtracting three digit numbers without showing any work or using their fingers to count. My sweet little Elizabeth turned in to the stool pigeon!!! 

These are some smart kids considering I didn't figure out that the answers were in the back of the book until at least sixth grade. 


Although I suppose with the three of them constantly working together, I shouldn't be at all surprised. 


  1. Time to tear out those answer keys, right?!!

  2. Love it! May I ask what workbook you are using? I have a rising third grader too and am trying to keep his brain on track!

    1. We're using the Kumon books ... they're fantastic! It's only one page per day (two sheets, back and front) so it's not terribly overwhelming for them. We then supplement with reading and writing in our journals. Hope you can find something that works well for you!

  3. rip out the answers and keep 'em locked up :) (the answers not the children)