Tuesday, January 08, 2013

new year resolution #48: don't eat chocolate that was not intended for you

Am I the only one who had an absolutely brutal re-entry to the real world last week?

Egads.  I won't go in to all the details except to say that the box of fudge that my sister, Beth, had sent to my house for my sister Eileen as a Christmas present - which was received the day after my sister Eileen left to return to Michigan - and which we had every intention of sending to Eileen (in Michigan) for her to enjoy from my sister, Beth?  Well, that box of fudge didn't quite make it.


It sat near our front door for four days, and then on the seat of my car for two whole days (before I made it to the Post Office), and in a fit of despair, I tore in to the box using one of my keys to rip away the tape.  I think I was even moaning, "Need chocolate. NEED CHOCOLATE, NOW." 

I opened one little box and ate a few chunks of fudge, thinking ... anticipating ... that I'd send the second box to Eileen, and not even mention that there had actually been two boxes in the beginning.  But would you look at what happened to the second box?


That box opened itself and chocolate squares started jumping out at me. AGAINST MY WILL. And now, it's not like I can send a box with 1.5 pieces consumed.  That would be so totally rude!

In retrospect, it really would have helped me if the box didn't have TUCKS FAMOUS CHOCOLATE written all over the outside of it.  That's just asking for trouble.  Especially when it goes to your little sister's house. (Aunt Grace, am I right?!)

(Beth, I'm wicked sorry. I'll send Eileen something else on your behalf. Promise.)


  1. Jen, chocolate has evil intentions; eating it gives me a migraine that will drop a small elephant and still I crave it often. I yearn for it, find myself sneaking it behind my OWN back so I don't remember why I have a splitting headache the next day and denying that I ate any to myself and anyone who asks.

  2. It is like smoking cigarets--you cannot just have one. Dangerous and after a few pieces---you feel sick.
    This is the stuff that was sold at Snow Pharmacy and I have warned everyone ---do not send it to me.
    Beside, it was not my favorite.

  3. Can you say, "HONEY BAKED HAM!" Sorry Charlie... LOL!

  4. Lorie - I AM CRACKING UP. That was so hilarious ... I love that memory and that ham!! It was so nice to share it with you - my JEWISH friend!!!

    So, I guess maybe there's a trend here that I open things that aren't intended for me and inhale them before anyone knows?? Thanks for reminding me!