Saturday, October 13, 2012

my man makes piñatas

Last month,  I came home from work one night to find Charlie wrapping paper mache around balloons. As it turns out, he was struck with the idea of making piñatas, FROM SCRATCH, for our children's birthday party.  For several weeks, I looked at those paper mache'd balloons sitting on our dining room table and asked, "Seriously? Is this seriously a project that you intend on finishing?"



YES, he kept telling me. Then he'd say, "Back off my piñatas woman! I can totally do this! I saw it on YouTube!"  

Wait ... what?! 

The night before our birthday party, where we have a confirmed headcount of 75, Charlie has frosted several dozen cupcakes ...


... painted his pumpkin piñatas, stuffed them with an assortment of various treats and prizes, and is now making little stem "caps" that he is glue gunning on.

Glue gunning!! 


He also glue gunned the little felt flags that he made for the "Capture the Flag" game that he'll be supervising in our backyard, tomorrow. While these activities might not be considered something the average male would embrace ...


I've got to say, he's totally speaking my love language. 


  1. That is SO awesome. Love a father/husband who will help with things like that. Go Charlie! You're a keeper for sure.

    Hope you all had a beautiful fun-filled day celebrating your trio.

    Amy F.

  2. Yup, total wife porn. LOL

  3. Charlie is one cool dude!

  4. I hope it was a great party!
    I am really looking forward to reading about it too - I had the old link bookmarked and it took more than a month to find (re-find?) this location. I was heartbroken thinking your blog was gone and thrilled to be able to catch up and learn and think about things tonight.

    Happy Birthday to W, C, and E!
    (PS, I hope you were able to save the "Waddle through Time")

  5. Awesome!
    I love how involved he is!
    I hope the party was a blast!

  6. where are the Party Pictures - we want to see them!!!

  7. Hi Jen, just ready your comment on Michele's blog and I am dying to hear this story!!! Please post soon.