Saturday, July 28, 2012

christmas in july

For the first 16 years of our marriage, Charlie and I had an annual tradition of sending our Christmas greetings out to friends and family in early December.  We had every intention to keep up that tradition, but then 2010 rolled around which was a crazy year what with the move and settling in to a new area and unpacking boxes and a couple nervous breakdowns.


So our annual greetings were delayed until February.  Instead of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, we wished them a Happy Valentine's Day and were applauded for our creativity as opposed to two-month tardiness.


This past Christmas, I really did have every intention of sending our greetings out on time, but darn if time didn't fly right past me and the next thing I knew it was May and we still had festive evergreen hanging on our dining room chandelier (still do).  Because I was absolutely determined that I would get cards out before the end of the summer - last week - I sat down at around 10 PM one night, logged on to Shutterfly and crafted our annual poem. By the time I finished the poem and selected the card that I wanted to purchase and the photos that I wanted to use ... it was 1 AM and I was a tad bit groggy.   But the next evening, I showed Charlie the card that I had selected, the photo layout and the poem I'd written and he concurred with everything. So I clicked ORDER. 


The cards arrived earlier this week. 

(Does anyone else get so excited about things like this?! Squee!!!)



I opened the boxes and what to my wondering eyes should appear ...
But itty bitty cards with words that weren't very clear. 


It seems that I neglected to notice the SIZE of the 150 cards that I was ordering. What? What do you mean they come in different sizes?  It's a card, not a pair of slacks! 

(Note: the toothpick is for scale.) 



Charlie suggested that we return them and re-order. And while I did consider this for a few days... I finally concluded that if it took me NINE MONTHS to order these cards in the first place, by the time I shipped them back, logged back on to Shutterfly, re-ordered them in a larger size ... yada yada yada ... it would be November and then I'd have to change my poem and would want all new pictures.

So, if you're on our annual distribution list - apologies in advance that unless you have laser vision, you'll probably need a microscope to read our greetings.

On the bright side - who doesn't love receiving mail?!