Friday, January 13, 2012

favorite thing friday: juicers

On or about the sixth consecutive week of continual sickness at our house, when I had forked over a small fortune in copays and our entire family had been prescribed an apothecary of medications that we were required to take day and night ... and we were whipping through two boxes of Puffs Plus with Lotion (per day) and had become proficient singing the Vick's VapoRub song ...


Do you know this one?

Rub-a-dub-dub three men in the tub!
Lost in the ocean blue-ue-ue...
Oh, rub-a-dub-dub with Vicks VapoRub,
And you'll feel better in the MORNIN'!

(My mother used to sing this whenever she'd rub Vicks on my chest when I was little. And I'd totally forgotten about it, until she was here a few months ago and rubbed Vicks on our children's chest and broke in to song. I was instantly transported back to my own childhood, like magic!)

... that I'd decided I'd had ENOUGH.

I'd had ENOUGH with being sick and all the whiny sadness that comes with it. So I went down in to our basement, grabbed our juicer, brought it upstairs - blew off the dust - cleaned off all the parts - and plugged it in. And then I proceeded to juice everything in sight.


This is a newer model of the the juicer that we own, and it is o-kay. There are so many great juicers on the market, when this one seizes up, we'll definitely upgrade to a heavier duty variety. Ideally, I'd like a juicer that I can throw an entire pineapple in to, without having to core, first.














Not all together, but in batches, fruit with fruit - vegetables with vegetables.

For the next week, I juiced several times, every single day, and cleansed my digestive track like it had never been cleansed before. And miraculously, I began to feel better. I also lost seven pounds, which was a nice side effect.


The first sign of my recovery was the ability to breathe through my nose and taste food, again. The second sign of my recovery was the disappearance of empty tissue boxes all over the house. The third sign of recovery was being able to carry on a conversation that didn't include the words, "I FEEL LIKE DIRT. Waaaaah."

Now, granted, my healing could have been the result of antibiotics which FINALLY kicked in and decimated the misery that was lingering in my system. But I know, from my mother's experience at the Optimum Health Institute, the importance of detoxification. I believe in that stuff. I believe that fresh juice cleanses your body to the cellular level and can restore you to health.


We call it, "Nectar of the Gods" and whenever we drink it, we can feel the goodness surge through us. It's a healing sensation, so even now, I try to juice at least once every day.


Fresh juice costs more than buying it from the store, and it takes some time to prepare. But fresh juice that cleanses your body from the inside out, is well worth the effort and expense.


If you have small children around the house to help, all the better. They gain immense satisfaction from pulverizing things and their presence can also be restorative to the soul. At least until that moment they start fighting over whose turn it is and .... ACK!

Find my happy place!