Thursday, September 22, 2011

things i love about the east coast #2

Horseback riding in the Appalachian Mountains...


I'm not sure if there are more horses on the east coast - or more public access to horses - but it certainly seems like horseback riding is more prevalent around here than it was in California. And riding a horse through the beautiful Appalachian Mountains is awesome.


With the exception of Henry who was squeezed in to a western saddle with his dad (ouch, the horn, particularly when trotting downhill), the kids were able to ride all by themselves.


It was such an amazing feeling to see my little people on these huge animals that if they so desire, could gallop away. It surprised me that the children were totally at ease and had no trouble guiding their steed.


So it was just me who felt like I was going to wet my saddle.



Why did I think this was a good idea?

William, pull up the reins! PULL UP!


The kids really enjoyed themselves and have been talking about it every day, since. I totally understand their obsession since I've always loved to horseback ride. It was something that I did, quite a bit, when I was younger and for years I've dreamed of getting back in the saddle.


That's a picture of me, back in the saddle.

After a two-hour trail ride, I could hardly walk for the next three days.


Funny, I don't remember the crippling groin and inner thigh pain when I was younger.


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