Monday, June 06, 2011

news updates

After spending almost a week in the ICU, my niece was released home from the hospital this past weekend. In addition to receiving treatment for low blood sodium levels, she had to undergo surgery for her broken clavicle.

As you might imagine, these past few weeks have been absolutely grueling for Eileen and Emily. To put it in the words of my sister, "They are walking through the fire."

The road will be long, but seeing as Emily posted on Facebook that she is now able to walk without the assistance of a walker, I am cautiously optimistic that she is finally on her way to recovery. Thank you, again and again, for all of your prayers and well wishes.

I know they were heard ... and felt.


AMERICA, come on!

What's up with this?

First this?

And then this?

Within the span of less than a month, these are the news stories that are flashing across the headlines? Has this always been happening, or is it just since I've started reading the paper?

Honestly, what is going on with our politicians? If their intelligence helped to propel these individuals to the political heights that they've achieved, what exactly happened to that intelligence when they made these stupid choices? Do they really think the odds are in their favor that they'll never get caught?

If so, what makes them think they're so different?

Sure, it makes for some entertaining late night television, but if given the choice, I'd much prefer to not see the decay of moral values unfold in high definition.

Henry started a new preschool last week.

It's only a brief summer course, but he will be attending the same school in the fall. I think it's important to note that a week in to this program, he is still there and they love him.

Wow. What an eye opener this experience has been. I've got a lot of thoughts surrounding this topic of preschool that I'd like to share, but seeing as today, I was diagnosed with the worst case of bronchitis my doctor told me she has ever seen, I'm going to take one of the five prescriptions that was prescribed for me and go to bed.

As I doze off, I'll be thanking the makers of fluticasone propionate inhalation aerosol. Although it cost $45.00 (after the $100 insurance co-pay), for the first time in a week, I can take a deep breath without blacking out. I guess you could say it's money well spent.