Sunday, May 01, 2011

what we do in our free time

Now that warmer temperatures are here, the focus of our home improvement activities have accelerated in the direction of landscaping.




There was a tremendous amount of debris that for the past several years, had been stockpiled along the lower yard that we've been working to clear out. Additionally, we've been clearing away a tremendous amount of tree debris from the winter storms. I'd wager there are at least 10 more piles of sticks the same size as the one shown in this photo. Or, enough to construct houses made of twigs for all the little pigs in the County.


Rather than exert the effort to haul it away to the dump, as my husband suggested, we've been enjoying cozy little fires in our backyard. My brother, a tree removal specialist, recommended that we just ignite all the piles, but I have yet to see any one else in our neighborhood with a blazing inferno. Personally, I like the little fire ring. Despite my husband's eye rolls that at the rate we've been going, we'll still be clearing wood off our driveway until Thanksgiving.


I'm feeling a bit more optimistic and think that with the children helping, we'll be done by Halloween, at least.