Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the trick to seeing the sights...

... is to have people come visit.


Last week, my sister and her family came to visit us.


It's safe to say we did more sightseeing in the five days they were with us, than we have done in the nine months we've lived in Virginia.


Charlie took everyone on a hike through a park in downtown D.C. On another day, we took the metro (train) in to Washington and went on a carousel.


Children ran across the front (and back and side) lawn of various Government buildings...


And we went on a guided tour of the U.S. Capitol.


This is the Rotunda.


As luck would have it, I woke up with a bad neck strain on the day we toured the Capitol. I was extremely tempted to lay on my back in the middle of the floor so I could actually look at the ceiling without having to hold my head in my hands.


We also went to Mt. Vernon.


This is the beautiful greenhouse.


(I learned that President Washington had quite a green thumb.)


There were picturesque barns and animals ...


And vast green fields - perfect for running across.


(I challenged the kids to a race and almost died on the way back.)

We overlooked the Potomac River.


Henry's superhero cape has become a part of his daily attire. Usually he wears it in addition to his red footie pajamas that he lovingly refers to as his "Super Suit." I'm so used to this getup now, I don't even think about it when we go out. But the smiles we received throughout the day and comments from random strangers about how adorable our son is, made me stop and really appreciate the awesomeness of a three-year-old boy.


After visiting Mt. Vernon,William is obsessed with colonial-style clothing and personalities.


In fact, he now introduces himself to everyone as "George."

(That'd be Washington.)


He's also enamored with John Adams.


A few nights ago when I was tucking him in to bed he whispered, "Mom, it's OK if you just want to call me Mr. President."

His comment made me stop and really appreciate the awesomeness of a six-year-old boy.