Saturday, February 19, 2011

we'll just assume this was an accident

Although Charlie was born in Canada and spent the first 12 years of his life in a region of the world where there are considerable variations in the climate, the majority of his life was spent in Southern California.


While my husband has told me that he is enjoying Virginia, he gets a faraway look in his eyes whenever he thinks about wearing shorts and sandals 365 days a year. While I've really embraced living in a colder climate, Charlie's not particularly fond of wearing so many heavy clothes, such as flannel lined jeans and winter boots, everyday. Many a morning I've had more of a challenge with him, than the children, to put on a coat. I keep telling him that when it's 20 degrees, his long-sleeve triathlon shirt isn't going to be enough to cut out the chill.

A few weeks ago, when the temperatures were especially cold, and the children were bouncing off the walls of the house because they couldn't go outside and he was losing his mind at an accelerated pace, he sent me a text message that read, "This picture was taken of us last January, Jen. LOOK AT THAT BEACH! We need to blow this popsicle stand and get back to Sun Diego!"


This past week, Charlie flew back to San Diego for a project he's been working on. He's really been looking forward to this trip to fill up on sunshine. And I've really been looking forward to staying home during the day and having some "concentrated" time with the children.

He was supposed to return to Virginia this morning. But late last night, he called to tell me that he had made a mistake when he was booking his ticket. Apparently, when he plugged in his return flight information, he didn't realize that it was for Saturday the 19th of March.


Unfortunately for Charlie, a cruise ship just returned to port in San Diego, so he is competing for a flight with passengers attempting to fly out today. And also, unfortunately for Charlie, a convention just ended in San Diego, so he is also competing for a flight out with conference goers. When he called me at 5:30 PST this morning, he was #27 on the stand-by list for a flight at 7 AM.

Translation: he isn't going to get on that plane. Nor is it likely that he'll get on one this afternoon. Or tonight. Or anytime tomorrow.

I suggested that he tell them he'll be more than happy to sit in the lavatory. Alternatively, I told him that there isn't much that he can do about it, so he may as well enjoy the extra time that he has there. I've encouraged him to rent another car and head out to the beach. Although it appears, that also, unfortunately for Charlie, it is pouring rain and 50 degrees in San Diego.

(Sorry Charlie. That isn't really conducive weather for a swim across the La Jolla Cove...)


So, I've suggested that he either drive out to visit his Dad and Kathleen in Phoenix, and fly out of Arizona ... or, take a train up to Los Angeles, and fly out of LAX.

Interestingly enough, the sun is shining warmly here and the temperature is supposed to climb to the 70's again, today. But by the time Charlie finally returns home ... probably Tuesday at this rate ... the temperatures are supposed to drop again to the 40's.

After four days, I do miss my husband and the children miss their daddy. So when I told the kids what was going on, and flipped the calendar to show them when March 19th is, they were fraught with worry. They suggested that he take another plane. Or a helicopter. Or drive?

When I told them that those aren't really options, they suggested that he hold on to some balloons and float home, like in the movie Up.


This situation really isn't funny.

Which is why it's so perplexing that I can't stop laughing.

Tee hee hee HA HA HA Hooo!!


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