Saturday, March 21, 2009

a dozen universal truths

1. Training for a marathon is very difficult.

2. All any of us have is today.

3. No one lives forever.

4. No one knows when their time is up.

5. Spring brings flowers.

6. Watching children grow makes you aware of just how fast time passes.

7. You are in control of your happiness.

8. Nothing is more important than the people you love.

9. A little kindness can go a long way.

10. Laughter heals your soul.

11. Training for a marathon is very difficult.

12. Having a toddler in the house is the best possible medicine.


  1. When I get to 51 seconds I smile and chuckle to myself. My boys are now 21 and 22 and live away from us, I miss hearing baby boy giggles and shrieks.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. This is one of your best posts!

  3. What great pictures and memories your children have of a happy home.By the way, where were the other three while Henry was on stage? It looks like a happy house hold to me. Enjoy every day.\MOM

  4. There's nothing like toddler giggles. They bring a smile to my face everytime.

  5. I agree with of your best posts.

    I have been ultra away of every day life lately. I've had too many stories of young parents die around me lately and they've really affected me. So instead of wishing away the last grumpy 30 minutes before bedtime, I really try to cherish them and see the sweetness of my son and just get him to giggle more. I savor the rainy days with my him and husband as we're "stuck" in the house. I laugh more, I'm more patient, I pray more, I enjoy my husband more, I'm more thankful all around.

    It's nice to see that I'm not on this slow-motion journey alone. Thanks for the company. I feel honored. :-)

  6. Best video you have ever posted.

    I want my own Henry!!

  7. Amazing! After yesterdays post it was a needed relief. I am so sorry about what is happening with your Dad and I hope that your sister will take legal actions to correct matters.

    On another thought as I read the comments on this post my answer to Mom was "locked outside of course" hehehe

  8. Oh Love it! Charlie is hysterical -sounds a bit like Reiner (and my Dad)... "Look at that! 1 Year Old and 'already' doing somersaults". ;-)

    Amen to #'s 1 and 11! So Grateful for the opportunity but man "training for a marathon is hard"

    Great post. Enjoy your day! Love, Marg.

  9. Thanks for sharing, video and thoughts.

    Sorry about your dad. Very difficult situation--I can't imagine the struggle your mind must be going through.

    And you can do it...the marathon I mean!