Friday, March 28, 2008

my future blogger

I spend the afternoon nap time updating my blog. Usually, I only have about 25 minutes of quiet time, before I am joined by Henry. And then, usually, 10 minutes beyond that, I am joined by William. Depending upon whether or not I've finished writing - I'll give William my small camera and he'll run around taking pictures of everything.

This is me, with Henry on my lap, updating my blog.

These are William's feet.

This is Elizabeth wondering how she is going to get the camera away from William, while I am walking in the other room - completely unaware that he has my camera at all.

I have a lot of pictures of his feet. I also have a lot of pictures of the ceiling fans, rug and miscellaneous items across the ground. Most of the time my memory card is filled with a bunch of flotsam that I'll delete. But sometimes, I'll see a picture that is blog worthy.

Like this one...

I'm guessing that maybe this was taken the day after she saw the lion clean her cubs at the zoo?


  1. I am so glad to finally see a picture of you on here. I don't think since I have been reading your blog that I have ever seen a picture of you or your husband.

  2. aww..I like the lioness photo.

    and I like the new background color.

  3. I think that William is quite the photographer! I'm impressed that all of his shots aren't at crazy angles...he does a nice job!

  4. It takes me 25 minutes just to READ your blog. Heck, it's taking my computer 25 minutes just to LOAD your blog with these new templates. Old Bessy nearly freezes up and pukes out it's innards before I can pull up this amazing photography of William's. I simply cannot believe that you can be so long-winded in 25 minutes. I bow to you Queen Fast Typer!

  5. Michele - most days it usually takes me more than 25 minutes to update my blog because I jabber on and on. But, for the first 20 minutes or so, I'll nurse Henry while I update. Then I'll put him down for a nap and quickly clean up from lunch. Then, I'll come back and have another 25 minutes or so while he sleeps (total nap time for the little guy is around 1 hour).

    Most of the time I still need to upload pictures. So then I'll hold him on my lap - or let him crawl around my feet, while I finish the post. If William comes out before that time, he runs around snapping off pictures of everything.

    Total update time is usually around an hour. Give or take. Sometimes, I start a post one day and then don't come back to finish it for weeks. Or maybe months. There are about eight posts that I've got in the works that I'll finish at some point in the near future that have probably taken me more than two hours to write, each.

    Tabatha - are you kidding?? I've got pictures of my mug (and Charlie's) all over this blog!!

  6. Your kids are funny. And sweet. And cute. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  7. Oh that picture is good!!! Good composition too! He is a natural!!

    I also love the new background color. It works great!

  8. I also was glad to see a picture of you! I cannot tell you how I look forward to your blogging. I check it every day to see what's up with all of you. You have such a talent for writing. I just love your stories, descriptions of the kids, and all the adventures you provide for them.....and also the ones they provide for you!

    Thanks for giving this old lady a good chuckle most days. You're doing a great job of parenting. I can tell from what you write. I appreciate how much your love for your kids comes through in your writing.

  9. Okay, I feel much better about my posts. Some days they take an hour too. Can what we could do with all our Blogging time if you added it up?

  10. My 10 yr old has been borrowing my camera for her photography class and I have been finding unusual pictures on my camera, as well. I've thought about blogging them, but haven't yet.

  11. My daughter LOVES to take pictures with my camera. Only she hasn't quite gotten the concept so she holds the viewfinder up to her eye and squeezes it so close that she can't see... we get some interesting shots! I think William shows much more promise!

  12. I think I need to post about some of the random pictures my daughter takes when I let her have a 'go' with my camera... So cute!