Sunday, January 06, 2008

rainy weekend

When you have a house full of small children, it can be difficult to find ways of positively expelling their energy when the weather is inclement.

Galoshes and umbrellas to tackle mud puddles is one good solution.

Dressing them in their new bathing suits that they received as a Christmas gift from Poppa Alex and Kathleen and telling them to "swim" through the house and find Nemo is another good solution.

Of course there is also shopping at Costco ... while wearing their new bathing suits - that they love so very much - over their clothing. Because if they are worn under their clothing they can't see them. Right?

This is a good solution only if you don't mind having people laugh at you when you are out in public.


  1. Oh, the embarrassing outfits in public. I have a 5 year old that INSISTS that she doesn't like her clothes to match.

    I've been toying with starting a series called "Adventures in Fashion" that would feature all the outfits she comes up with. I tell myself, at least she's dressing herself-one less thing for me.

    Love the suits. Bring on summer!

  2. Love the bathing suits! I noticed in one of your other posts that the suits were very modest and provided lots of skin coverage...I imagine living in sunny CA this is a must! But I would really like to get suits like that for my twins (we live in PA, and they are still too young) when the time comes. I had one too many swimsuit faux pau and sunburnned terribly as a kid.

    Do you mind giving us a heads up on where to shop for suits like that? I have never seen them in PA...thanks!

  3. um, yeah. i let my kids wear fairy wings and halloween costumes--over their clothes--out to restaurants. i'm picking my battles and that's not one i'm choosing to fight. besides, it allows them to feel special and unique while exercising their own respective senses of style.

  4. Too cute! I think people must have surely just been wishing that they had thought of that to entertain their own children on a rainy day!

  5. Love the fashion statement! It will be out of style by summertime, though!

  6. my 13-year-old daughter went out in public for an entire day wearing bobbly antenna things that said happy new year.

    and she wasn't the slightest bit embarrassed!

    kids. gotta love 'em.

  7. LOL, I'm glad you all survived the rainy day! The bathing suits reminded me of the little boy I saw at IHOP just before a full Tigger costume.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog...I love reading yours so much that I felt like I had just had a celebrity pay me a visit. ;)

  8. How cute!!! Love the swim suits over the clothes...what a great mama to let them have fun. My older girls have started wanting to do their own hair when we go out in public. I will say yesterday I was a little embarassed when we got to the restaurant and I saw her "masterpiece." It was a mess, I just worried the waitress was gonna think I did it...haha. Awh well life is short you might as well have a little fun.

  9. So much fun; it's the little things that mean so much. Like wearing your swimsuit to Costco - in 50 degree weather in the rain :)

    Yep, they're 3!

  10. I read many years ago that a Mother sent a note to school with her daughter. She was instructed to give the note to her teacher. It said... " Please do not think I dressed my daughter".

  11. Priceless and ideas.
    I had a friend whose child insisted on wearing pegs in his hair in public and the other odd gumboots.