Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pancakes with Dad

One of the greatest mysteries in the toddler world, is how the exact same food the children are eating ... tastes so much better off of someone else's plate.

The fact that our children's appetites have returned with a vengeance, is a wonderful sign that the horrific virus which has rocked our house for the past two weeks, is finally past.

And the Angels did SING!!!

Tomorrow, barring no fascinating developments or adorable new pictures ... I promise to resume my triplet pregnancy story.


  1. I don't think the idea of "bite size" matters to kids for years and years.

    Moments like this create the best memories.


  2. Charlie makes the best pancakes. He(Guy) looks a little tired. Will looks great and healthy.

  3. I feel for you and all the sickness that you have had in your household. We are dealing with the same thing in our house right now and it stinks. First my little Aimee got it (Halloween night) pucking 9 times in one night...then the other two got it yesterday. YUCK. I have done a ton of laundry this past week. 2 year old vomiting triplets is the worst. You are not alone!

  4. Very, Very Cute!!! Marg