Saturday, April 22, 2006

What is it with holiday mascots?

We took the kids to visit the Easter Bunny last weekend. Unfortunately, they didn't like him any better than they liked Santa Claus. I would have posted the pictures sooner, but they just arrived in the mail today.

Here's the setting:

Our community recreation center, full of happy kids painting easter eggs and eating chocolate candy. Everyone is happy to see the mascot of Easter make his appearance. That is everyone except our kids. We brought the babies up to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap. Carolyn went first and she immediately started to screech. Not scream ... screech. There's a difference of about 200 decibels. Elizabeth was next ... she was screeching before we even got her on the Easter Bunny's lap. William was going to stand between his legs ... but he had such a death grip on me, he wouldn't let go.

The happy bustle in the room stopped. There was no noise, except for the three screeching kids with the Easter Bunny. Everyone in the room was looking at us with their mouths gaping, probably wondering what kind of monster parents would inflict this kind of torture on their children. What they don't realize is just how priceless these pictures are. Charlie and I had no choice but to remain in the photo ... the kids wouldn't let us go.

Here's the first photo - What I think is interesting is that it didn't matter whether William was looking right at the Bunny or not ... he was screeching.

Here's the second photo - still screeching.

This was our Christmas photo with Santa. Notice any similarity? If we could only see the face behind the Easter Bunny's mask ... I'm sure it would closely resemble that of Jolly Old Saint Nick.

What's the next big holiday? Hmmm ... I wonder if we can get a picture with Uncle Sam?

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  1. You are cracking me up! I thought my kids were the only ones who screamed at holiday mascots. I didn't even attempt a pic with my daughter for years it was SO traumatic. I have a pic of her with Santa as a 3 month old...the next year she looked like your kids (only redder)... and the next picture I have with her and Santa is when she was 7 years old. It's pathetic. I think my twins are headed in the same direction. They don't like the strange crazy faced mascots.

    Thanks for the laugh today! Too CUTE!