Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hi, I'm new here ...

This is my first post ... on my third attempt ... at a blog. I never really liked the title of the first two blogs I created - and since I couldn't figure out how to change the titles - I'd just start anew. The good news is - I didn't waste too much time posting stuff on those first two blogs. The titles were nice ... but ... didn't really click with me. The first title I came up with was "A Day In The Life." The second title was "The Best Days Of Our Lives." Both of these titles are OK ... but didn't look right to me, when I strung it all together:

They were just too wordy ... and too ... not what I wanted. And since I think that the title of a blog is important, that takes me to my third, and hopefully, final blog.

My life thus far, has been one amazing trip. On top of that ... I happen to have some AMAZING TRIPS in my life. Those amazing trips are, of course, our triplets ... William, Elizabeth & Carolyn. It was one amazing trip to become parents in the first place ... and now life has become even more amazing since they've arrived.

I feel fairly confident that my blog title is not only a good play on words, but a pretty accurate reflection of me. I like what it symbolizes. It makes the most sense that everything finally came together for me, on my THIRD try. After all ... three's my lucky number, and it usually takes me three tries to get anything right.

I'm *borrowing* from a recent new blog I saw - - when the author commented that their blog was like an empty house. There's lots of decorating and filling of this space that I need to do ... and I'm excited to do it. Charlie told me that this is really art, because the stuff that I'm posting on this blog are my creations (in the form of thoughts and pictures). I like that description, Jen the artist. Since I'll be opening this up for people to explore ... I can imagine what an artist must feel like when sharing their art with the world. A dose of hesitation - a pinch of excitement - and a big scoop of hope that those that see your "work" will enjoy it as much as you do.


  1. Great photos and blog.
    We leave in 2 days to join you in the fun in So. California.
    Dad and Kathleen

  2. From someone whose life was computers, I am enthralled with your blogs --- I didn't even know what they were 'til yours.
    Great job with your whole experience.